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    Our customers aren't the only ones praising evohome. The experts have been giving their recommendations too.

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    the perfect
    comfort zone

    Comfort, control and efficiency – let evohome look after your heating with smart zoning, advanced scheduling and mobile control.

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    Control your heating
    system, whenever you
    want, wherever you are.

    With our smartphone and tablet app you never need to return to a cold home again or leave your heating on for a minute longer than you need to.

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    Create your perfect
    evohome & see how
    much you could save

    Every home is different, so why not design exactly how your evohome will work, and see how much you are spending on your heating and hot water.

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    Total control.
    Any place, any time,

    You can now control your evohome using the Pebble smartwatch, giving you even more mobile control over your home's heating.

How it works


Set the temperature in any room in your home, schedule your heating to come on and off, and control your hot water.


evohome lets you simply and effectively have more control, room by room.


You can create your own heating schedule that reflects your lifestyle and the way you use your home. And you can create zones in your home that you can control as one area.


evohome lets you control your heating via your smartphone or tablet for complete efficiency and comfort.

How to use evohome

Smart zoning for any heating system

evohome means you're always in charge of your home heating system — wherever you are.

At its heart is the evohome controller, your simple to use control panel that lets you set the temperature in every room in your home — from anywhere in your home.

Find out more about zoning

Room by room heating control

When you're at home you want to feel comfortable. evohome tells you the exact temperature, removing the guesswork
— not cold, and not too hot. Just right.

Optimise your comfort

Save energy through better control

82% of energy consumed in the home is used by heating and hot water. Reduce your heating bills by controlling your heating room by room for more control, comfort and efficiency.

Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat controls to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home.

Discover how evohome will work with your home.

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What people are saying

  • “Rolls Royce of smart thermostats”

    4/5 Stars

    “Honeywell evohome is a very clever heating system upgrade, there’s no doubt about it.”

  • “A superbly-flexible, brilliant room-by-room heating system”

    “It is without doubt the most comprehensive and accurate system we have seen”

    4/5 Stars

Evo Home device
Evo Home device

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